Guidelines and Expectations:

  • Respect Teachers, Staff, Classmates, Self and School Property
  • Be Prepared for Class; Bring All Needed Materials to Class
  • Do Not Interrupt or Disturb Class
  • Homework from other classes will not be done during my class time unless permission is given.
  • Assignments are due at the beginning of class.  If the assignment is not on time, you will receive a 60%.  Assignments need to be completed.  If after 2 weeks the assignment is not done, a zero will be given unless arrangements are made with me.  This pertains to make-up work as well.
  • NO Food or Drink in my classroom unless given permission.
  • Do Not Answer my Phone.


Same Rules Apply to Study Hall and Students make sure you bring ALL Work that you may or may not do, just in case an assignment takes less time than you thought.  Students will not be allowed to keep leaving study hall to get more work.  Study Hall= Study


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